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The C.O.W.boys


Jim, Andy, and Bean. (Bean is the one with the hat)

Andy and Jim Nelson were born and raised in the small southern Idaho town of Oakley, where they were taught the way of the cowboy by one of the last great horsemen, their father Jim. They followed their Dad all over the great basin of southern Idaho, northern Utah, and northern Nevada learning how to shoe horses, and although they no longer shoe horses for a living, the brothers have had the farrier way of life forever branded on their hides. Of coarse, not to forget the person that really taught them how to be gentlemen and gave them their uncommon sense of responsibility, an ex-emergency room nurse, their mother Barbara.

The brothers spend their time announcing rodeos, performing on the cowboy poetry circuit and producing "Clear Out West" Radio Show, (C.O.W. Radio). C.O.W. is a weekly syndicated radio show dedicated to introducing the cowboy culture to newcomers and bringing back some great memories to some old cowboys by featuring great western music, cowboy poetry and a whole bunch of goofing off.

News and Entertainment of the Cowboy Culture