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C.O.W. Radio's Playlist for the Year

11/23/15, Vegetarian's Nightmare
New West: Chow's On
The Texas Trailhands: Pico de Gallo
Gene Autry: The Hill's of Wyoming
Rider's in the Sky: The Biscuit Blues
Baxter Black: The Vegetarian's Nightmare
D.W. Groethe: I Eat Meat
11/16/15, Cowboys on the Cyber Highway
Dan Roberts: Cowhand.com
Suzy Bogguss: Lets Chase Each Other Around the Room
Hot Club of Cowtown: Ida Red
Doris Daley: French Fries
Juni Fisher: Song of the Nighthawk
11/9/15, The Generic Show

The Old West Trio: Ridin' Back to Yesterday
Andy Hedges: Chuckwagon Blues
Jim Reeves: Mexicali Rose
Skip Gorman: High Toned Dance
Waddie Mitchell: Rawhide Braider
Curly Musgrave: The Men Who Ride No More

11/2/15, That's What Sleeves Are For
Asleep at the Wheel: Am I Right or Amarillo
Bill Barwick: Cold Moon
Don Edwards/Rex Allen: Doggone Cowboy
Gary McMahan: Okeechobee Joe
Andy Nelson: It's Hard to Look Cool Riding a Mule
Gretchen Peters: Wolves 
10/26/15, The Remember Show
New West: The Remember Song
Jeff Gore: Sore Backed Horses and Sunburnt Men
Lawrence Welk Orchestra: Gunsmoke
Ian Tyson: Fifty Years Ago
Jay Snider: Four Little Words
Patty Clayton: Wanda Walker
10/19/15, The Hunting Show
Da Yoopers: The Second Week of Deer camp
Da Yoopers: Something to Shoot
Tennessee Ernie Ford: Shotgun Boogie
Da Yoopers: Mighty Manly Hunting Men
Baxter Black: Elk Hunt
Da Yoopers: Da Tirdy Point Buck
10/12/15, Not the Brightest Bulb in the Box
Richard Elloyan: From the Ground Up
Riders in the Sky: The Lights of Old Santa Fe
Tennessee Ernie Ford: 16 Ton
Jean Prescott: Angel Wings
Larry McWhorter: Johnny Clare
Robert Wagoner: Call of the Far Away Hills
10/5/15, The Cowboy Handyman
Bill Barwick: There Ain't No Quit
Wylie and the Wild West: 200 Ton
The Texas Trailhands: Snap Your Fingers
Brenn Hill: Guns a Blazin'
Rod Nichols: Yep
Mikki Daniel: Heaven in the West 
9/28/15, The Influence of the International Cowboy
Sons of the San Joaquin: From Whence Came the Cowboy
Belinda Gail: He Sang for Me
Rex Allen: The Last Roundup
Chuck Pyle: Forty Days of Rain
Andy Hedges: Henry Herbert Knibbs' "Boomer Johnson"
The Oklahoma Company Cowboys: Night Rider's Lament 
9/21/15, Jim-isms
Mary Kaye: Horse Lover
David John and the Comstock Cowboys: Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle
Johnny Cash: Ghost Riders in the Sky
Kristyn Harris: Acres of Nowhere
Pat Richardson: Cowboy Banker
Wayne Nelson: Daddy's Bells 
9/14/15, The Name Show
Sons of the San Joaquin: There's a Rainbow Over the Range
GT Hurley: Montana Wind
Sons of the Pioneers: Blue Prairie
Jill Jones and the Lonestar Chorale: New Day
Buck Ramsey: Anthem
Trinity Seely: A Cowboy Song 
9/7/15, Hair on Barbed Wire
Stephanie Davis: Yodel Blues
Don Edwards: Strange Things Happening in the Land
Jules Allen: The Gal I Left Behind Me
Gary Allegretto/Ian Espinoza: the Bard of San Antone
D.W. Groethe: Yearlin' Heifers
Gretchen Peters: Guadalupe 
8/31/15, Conniption Fits
Corb Lund: Steer Rider's Blues
Hot Club of Cowtown: Keeper of My Heart
Sons of the Pioneers: Cheyenne
Daren Little: Way Out West in Texas
Doris Daley: Don't Drive the Tractor
Kip Calahan: Beggars Would Ride 
8/24/15, Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame
Dan Roberts: The Hero is a Clown
RJ Vandygriff: What a Cowboy Was
Hugh O'Brien: The Legend of Wyatt Earp
Juni Fisher: A Horse Like You
Yvonne Hollenbeck: Rebel Rouser
Chris LeDoux: Song of Wyoming 
8/17/15, Telling Windys
Ben Crane: Lucky
Baxter Black: Horse Mumbler
Michael Martin Murphey: Tyin' Knots in the Devil's Tail
Eddie Arnold: A Cowboy's Dream
The Bar J Wranglers: Lulabelle
Waddie Mitchell: Typical
Jay Snider: Bankers
Dave Stamey: Uncle Harvey's Plane 
8/10/15, Animal Induced Turret's Syndrome
Dyer Highway: This Country Stands
Kyle Evans: Meet Me Tonight in Laredo
Rex Allen/Don Edwards: It's My Lazy Day 
Wylie and the Wild West: Summer Leases
Baxter Black: Cow Attack
Mary Kaye: The Dawn and the Dusk 
8/3/15, Dastardly Deeds
Dave Alexander: Western Boogie
Jean Prescott: Ranch Mother
Roy Rogers: Don't Fence Me In
Luke Reed: If There Wasn't Any Cows
Brigid Reedy: Wallace McRae's "Maggie"
R.W. Hampton: I'd Like to Be In Texas 
7/27/15, It Was So Hot...
New West: Buckaroo Dream
Joey & Rory: Waiting for Someone
Home and Jethro: Cigareets, Whisky, and Wild Wild Women
Jared Rogerson: Take the Fall
Colen Sweeten: Windmills
Lorraine Rawls: Through Her Eyes 
7/20/15, Wasn't That Smart
Sons and Brothers: Broken White Line
Barry Ward: Farming Sun Blues
Gene Autry: Back in the Saddle Again
The Quebe Sisters Band: I Can't Go On This Way
Ila-Jane Owen: Bruce Kiskaddon's "Alkali Ike's Zippers"
Cowboy Celtic: The Water is Wide 
7/13/15, More Cowboy Games
Riders in the Sky: Pecos Bill
Kerry Grombacher: Will Cowboy for Food
Rex Allen: When the Work's All Done This Fall
The Munsick Boys: Call Him a Cowboy
Virginia Bennett: It Sorta Makes Sense
Michael and Dawn Moon: Cool of the Evening 
7/6/15, Where Did That Come From
Prickly Pair: Child from the Tall Untrimmed
Chuck Pyle: Beaumont
Marty Robbins: They're Hanging Me Tonight
Sisters of the Silver Sage: Seek Higher Ground
Georgie Sicking: Jake
Prairie Rose Wranglers: Rolling Kansas Plains 
6/29/15, The Modern Day Farrier
Jon Chandler: Colorado Skies
Mikki Daniel: Swingtime Rocking Chair
Slim Whitman: Red River Valley
Sourdough Slim: Trouble Keeps Hangin' Round My Door
Thatch Elmer: S. Omar Barker's "Curly Wolf College"
David John and the Comstock Cowboys: The Cowboy Was the Hero 
6/22/15, The Horse Fishermen of Belgium
Sons of the San Joaquin: It's the Open Range for Me
Bar J  Wranglers: Ponies
Robert Horton: Shenandoah
Jim Wilson: Mountain Home
Amy Hale Walker: Writing my Way Through
Kerry Wallace: Under to Wyoming Moon 
6/15/15, Horse People
Dave Stamey: If I Had a Horse
Brenn Hill: Equine
Rex Allen: The Last Roundup
Randy Huston: Lucky
Trey Allen: Robert Service's "The Quitter"
Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band: My Horse Knows the Way Home 
6/8/15, Glen Ohrlin Tribute
Glen Ohrlin: Texas Cowboy
Glen Ohrlin: The D2 Horse Wrangler
Glen Ohrlin: The Sierry Petes
Glen Ohrlin: A Cowboy's Life
Glen Ohrlin: Johnny Ritch's "Shorty's Saloon
Glen Ohrlin: Desert Sands 
6/1/15, The Heck You Say
Belinda Gail: Granite Mountain
Ian Tyson: 18 Inches of Rain
Hank Snow: A Daisy a Day
The Gillette Brothers: Oh Rounder
Waddie Mitchell: The Flying Outlaw
Richard Elloyan: Folded Down Pages 
5/25/15, There Was Only One Way Out
R.W. Hampton: Driftin' Cowboy
Gretchen Peters: Wolves
Jimmy Wakely: Along the Santa Fe Trail
Lone Prairie: San Antonio Rose
Doris Daley: What is a Westerner
Mike Beck: La Primera 
5/18/15, He Started It
Michael Martin Murphey: Under a Rolling Sky
Jess Camilla O'Neal and the Neversweat Players: She Rides Wild Horses
Rex Allen/Don Edwards: Doggone Cowboy
Gary McMahan: Okeechobee Joe
Joel Nelson: Franks Desprez's "Lasca"
Many Strings: I Love My Horse 
5/11/15, Brenn Hill - Spirit Rider
Brenn Hill: Spirit Rider
Brenn Hill: One Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse
Bob Nolan: The Touch of God's Hand
Brenn Hill: Land of No Return
Andy Nelson: By Giving Me Horses
Brenn Hill: How Great Thou Art 
5/4/15, Cowboy Poetry Week
Jean Prescott: Branding Day
Gail Steiger: Gail I. Gardner's "Moonshine Steer"
David & Amanda Anderson: Clear Creek
Pat Richardson: Bill and His Dog
Slim Critchlow: The Strawberry Roan
Wylie & the Wild West: Lasca
Paul Bliss: Cowboy Poetry in Motion
Ken Cook: Not Waitin' on Someday
Rusty McCall: Last Gather
Deanna Dickinson McCall: For Rusty
Curly Musgrave: The Men Who Ride No More 
4/27/15, It Only Takes Once!
The Bar J Wranglers: Skyball Paint
Skip Gorman: The High Toned Dance
Jim Reeves: Mexicali Rose
Stephanie Davis: Montana Cowgirl
Jerry Brooks: Henry Herbert Knibbs' "Bronco Shod with Wings"
Don Edwards: Angels Can Do No More 
4/20/15, Are You Gonna Finish That?
Sons of the San Joaquin: Texas Plains
Bob Bovee: So Long, It's Been Good to Know You
Tennessee Ernie Ford: Shotgun Boogie
Old West Trio: Ridin' Back to Yesterday 
Waddie Mitchell: The Rawhide Braider
Trinity Seely: Just About as East 
4/13/15, A Taste of Cowboy
The Texas Trailhands: Pico de Gallo
Andy Hedges: Chuckwagon Blues
Marty Robbins: Streets of Laredo
Riders in the Sky: Phantom of the Chuckwagon
Kent Rollins: 12 Days Down the Trail
Joe Merrick: Jakes Revenge 
4/6/15, There Was Nothing I could Do About It
Jared Rogerson: Broke
Saddle Strings: Ticket to the Sky
Sons of the Pioneers: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Mikki Daniel: I'm Gonna Lock My Heart
Andy Nelson: How I Taught Bruno a Lesson
Joey and Rory: He's a Cowboy 
3/30/15, 2015 COW Cruise Report
Tony Lundervold: A Noble Man
Chuck Pyle: Now Everything Does
Jimmy Wakely: Take Me Back to my Boots and Saddle
T. Scot Wilburn and the Shut Up -n- Play Boys: Café Del Norte
Linda Kirkpatrick: D.W. Groethe's "PST the III"
Joni Harms: Cowboy's Prayer 
3/23/15, From Cowboy to Cook
Bill Barwick: The Wagon Tongue
Brenn Hill: Goodnight Lovin' Trail
The Carter Family: Cowboy Jack
New West: Chow's On
Teresa Jordan: Henry Lawson's "Past Carin'"
Duke Davis: The Old Cocinero 
3/16/15, How to Die in Tombstone
Jon Chandler: He Was No Hero
Riders in the Sky: Ringo
Marty Robbins: Big Iron
Tom Russell: El Paso
Jay Snider: The Twister
Juni Fisher: Red Velvet Slippers 
3/9/15, It's a Little Known Fact
Dyer Highway: City Lights
Michael Martin Murphey: Blue Prairie
Gene Pitney: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band: Yippee Yi Your Troubles Away
Rodney Nelson: The Elevator Scale
Brenn Hill: Ridin' Job 
3/2/15, Hollywood Movie Horses

Flying W Wranglers: The Ballad of the Alamo
Bill Barwick: When Roy Rogers was Around
Roy Rogers: Hoppy, Gene, and Me
RW Hampton: Riding Down the Trail to Albuquerque
D.W. Grothe: Hooves Everlasting
Dan Roberts: I Miss John Wayne

2/23/15, Snake Bite Kit
Corb Lund: Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
Kip Calahan: Ponydance
Rex Allen: Moonshine Steer
Ernie Sites: Trailin' Back to Old Mexico
Yvonne Hollenbeck: The Insurance Man and the Banker
Joe Merrick: Wild Horses 
2/16/15, Cowboy Girls
Jean Prescott: Calving Time
Belinda Gail: Palomino Pal
Carolina Cotton: I Love to Yodel
Trinity Seely: Neighbors
Jessica Hedges: Buckaroo Woman Unconfined
Juni Fisher: Bonnie McCarroll 
2/9/15, Things that Make Cowboys Giggle
Craig Chambers: Crime and Ranchin'
Suze Spencer Marshall: Sierra Nevada
Slim Whitman: Indian Love Call
The Quebe Sisters Band: There's a Rainbow Over the Range
Ol' Jim Cathey: James Barton Adams' "The Cowboy and the Wheel"
Red Steagall: Long and Lonesome Ride to Dalhart 
2/2/15, Don Kennington Tribute
The Bar J  Wranglers: Mama Don't Allow
David Anderson: It's Been a While
Marty Robbins: The Cowboy in the Continental Suit
Stampede: Cactus Boogie
Don Kennington: Roast Pork, For a Dime, The Last Nail, Shoeing Ol' Rivet
Don Edwards: Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day 
1/26/15, Cowboy Goes to the Doctor
Dave Stamey: Come Ride with me
Jon Chandler: The Last True Cowboy
Stanley Wilson: The Virginian
The English Brothers: When the Cowboy Sings Again
Jesse Smith: Doctor Doctor
Mary Kaye: No Wilder Place 
1/19/15, Really?
Duke Davis: A Cowboy's Work is Never Done
3 Trails West: Along the Navajo Trail
Hugh O'Brien: The Legend of Wyatt Earp
Ernie Martinez: Blue Range
Pat Frolander: Married Into It
Juni Fisher: Patrick 
1/12/15, A New Year
Old West Trio: Texas Plains
Sourdough Slim: Mean Mama Blues
Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers: Goodbye Old Paint
R.W. Hampton: My Country's Not for Sale
Randy Rieman: Bruce Kiskaddon's "When You're Throwed"
Gretchen Peters: Prairie in the Sky 
1/5/15, Christmas in COW Country
Wylie and the Wild West: Christmas Time's a Comin'
Doris Daley: Christmas in Alberta
Don Kennington: Perparation
Don Edwards: Riding Up the Christmas Trail
Andy Hedges: Charlie Russell's "Merry Christmas to You and Yourn
Jimmy Dean: Christmas Medley
Jean Prescott: Cooper's Christmas
Waddie Mitchell: Good Gift
Rodney Nelson: Wilbur's Christmas Gift
Corb Lund: Just me and the Ponies 
12/29/14, The Life of a Cowhide
Mikki Daniel: She Could Ride
Brenn Hill: Rawhide Braider
Tex Ritter: The Wayward Wind
Stephanie Davis: Hittin' the Trail Tonight
Jim Cathey: Larry Chittenden's "Cowboy's Christmas Ball"
Sons of the San Joaquin: Slow Moving Cattle 
12/22/14, It'll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting
Cow Bop: El Cumabchero
Chuck Pyle: Wide Open
Ian Tyson: Leaving Cheyenne
Riders in the Sky: One More Ride
Trey Allen: Twas the Night Before Christmas... Cowboy Version
Jean Prescott: Traditions 
12/15/14, Are You Ready for Winter?
Open Range: Cold Bitter Wind
Eli Barsi: Four Strong Winds
Carolina Cotton: Singing on the Trail
Sons and Brothers: Cold High Mountain Wind
Hank Snow: Robert Service's "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
Ken Overcast: The Blizzard 
12/8/14, Giving Thanks
Trinity Seely: A Cowboy Hat
Sons of the San Joaquin: Lord, I'm Just an Ol' Cowboy
Eddie Arnold: Cattle Call
Prickly Pair: An Old Puncher's Prayer
Doris Daley: What is a Westerner
Curly Musgrave: One Last Trail 
12/1/14, Guest Rod Miller
Wylie and the Wild West: Buck Up and Huck It
Old West Trio: A Death Valley Day
Johnny Western: The Searchers
Kevin Davis: Bronc Ridin' Friend
Rod Miller: A Bolt of Broomtails
Mary Kaye: Solid Gone 

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