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C.O.W. Radio's Playlist for the Year

4/5/14, 101 Ways to Die in the Old West
Joey+Rory: Let's Pretend We Never Met
Jim Wilson: The Pistol
Marty Robbins: Streets of Laredo
New West: Chow's On
Les Buffham: The Auction Fly
Jean Prescott: Ranch Mother 
3/29/14, 30 Signs You grew Up on a Farm or Ranch
Jon Chandler: He Works the Land
Riders in the Sky: 160 Acres
Rex Allen: Don't Go Near the Indians
Stephanie Davis: Talkin' Harvest Time Blues
Buck Ramsey: Anthem
Don Edwards: The Rancher Feeds Us All 
3/22/14, It Happened So Fast
The Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Saddle Your Worries to the Wind
Liz Masterson: When the Cactus is in Bloom
Rowdy Wright: I'm a Jolly Cowboy
Daron Little: Calvin' Time
Jess Howard: Zeke and the Bull
Brenn Hill: Ridin' Job 
3/15/14, Cowboy Winter Games
The Quebe Sisters Band: Every Which a Way
Skip Gorman: Doney Gal
Bob Nolan: Cool Water
Wylie and the Wild West: Hi-Line Polka
Andy Nelson: Doing Winter Work
Joyce Woodson: Cheyenne 
3/8/14, Veterans Tribute
Jean Prescott: Just Doing What's Right
D.W. Groethe: That Ol' Red White and Blue
Gene Autry: South of the Border
Don Edwards: There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
Waddie Mitchell: Bristlecone Pine
R.W. Hampton: Hell in a Helmet 
3/1/14, The Annual Joke Show
Kip Calahan: Thank You for Your Support
Stampede: I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore
Elton Brit: Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
Dave Stamey: Comfortable Shoes
Baxter Black: Oyster
The Texas Trailhands: In the Moo 
2/22/14, You Could See the Wreck Coming
The Munsick Boys: Big Nevada
Jess Camilla O'Neal: Voice of the Big Guitar
Jimmy Wakely: Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle
The Rifters: Passin' Through
Al Mehl: Graduation
Jim Jones: Love to the Wind 
2/15/14, The Worst Storm I Ever Saw
Sons of the Pioneers: Song of the Bandit
Stephanie Davis: Cold Wind Blow
Gerald and Dixon: Back to My Wyoming Home
Tom Cole: Four Strong Winds
Rodney Nelson: Not Enough Snuff
Ken Overcast: Blizzard 
2/8/14, Meat Eating Horses
Luke Reed: And Cowboy is His Name
Robert Wagoner: Cowboy Serenade
Eddie Arnold: Cattle Call
Jean Prescott: Angel Wings
Jerry Brooks: Henry Herbert Knibbs' "A Bronco Shod with Wings"
Sons of the San Joaquin: Way Out Yonder

2/1/14, COW Cruise Report
Bar J Wranglers: Down the Trail to San Antone
KG and the Ranger: Hittin' the Trail Tonight
Johnny Cash: I've Been Everywhere
Ian Tyson: Horse Thief Moon
R.P. Smith: It's Only Fair
Oklahoma Company Cowboys: Night Rider's Lament 
1/25/14, Homes on the Range
Sons and Brothers: Broken White Line
R.W. Hampton: Back Home
Tex Ritter: The Old Chisholm Trail
Eli Barsi: Hitch Your Wagon to a Star
Yvonne Hollenbeck: That Old Home Comfort Range
Chuck Pyle: Over the San Luis 
1/18/14, What Makes a Cowboy Sad
New West: The Remember Song
Kyle Evans: The Double Diamond
Slim Whitman: Red River Valley
Cowboy Celtic: Other People's Cattle
Baxter Black: Could Be Worse
Curly Musgrave: Escalante Adios 
1/11/14, Never Argue With Someone More Stupid Than You 
Wylie and the Wild West: Buck Up and Huck It
Bill Barwick: George's Rule
The Maddox Bros and Rose: Oklahoma Sweetheart Sally Ann
Barry Ward: The Look
Waddie Mitchell: Sunny Hancock's "The Horse Trade"
Dave Stamey: Bubba and the Goat 
1/4/14, The Best of 2013
Stephanie Davis: Bronco Buster's Ball
Cowboy Celtic: The Water is Wide
Rex Allen/Don Edwards: It's My Lazy Day
Gary Allegretto/Ian Espinoza: First Rodeo
Gary McMahan: Gettin' in Nature's Way
Brenn Hill: Purple Heart 
12/28/13, Christmas in COW Country
Brian Ragsdale: What If Santa was a Cowboy
Yvonne Hollenbeck: The Best Gift I've Had in Years
Stephanie Davis: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Gail Steiger: Bruce Kiskaddon's "Merry Christmas"
Jimmy Dean: S. Omar Barker's "A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer"
Brenn Hill: Oh Come All Ye Faithful
D.W. Groethe: The Legend of Little Buddy the Christmas Steer
Red Steagall: S. Omar Barker's "Three Wise Men"
Deanna McCall: Gifts in the Hay
Sons of the San Joaquin: O Holy Night 
12/21/13, What Makes a Cowboy Happy
Bar G Wranglers: Happy Rovin' Cowboy
Wylie and the Wild West: Paradise
Marty Robbins: Saddle Tramp
Back at the Ranch: Little Red Wagon
Jim Cathey: Chittenden's "Cowboy's Christmas Ball"
Bill Barwick: Blue Stem Grass 
12/14/13, The Cowboy Doctor
Cow Bop: San Antonio Rose
Baxter Black: Veterinary Diagnostic Voice Mail
Don Edwards: Angels Can Do No More
Robert Horton: Shenandoah
Stampede: My Yodel I Can't Yodel Song
Linda Kirkpatrick: Shepherds of the Range
Joey + Rory: A Bible and a Belt 
12/7/13, The Sentimental Cowboy
Sons of the San Joaquin: A Cowboy's Heart is in the Saddle
Mary Kaye: Laska
Tex Ritter: Jingle Jangle Jingle
Dave Stamey: Used Rough
Pat Richardson: Here's to the Cowboys
Gretchen Peters: Guadalupe 
11/30/13, Giving Thanks 
Eli Barsi: Closer to Home
Belinda Gail: Blessed Trails
Walter Brennan: Old Rivers
David John and the Comstock Cowboys: Summerland
Paul Kern: Seldom Seen in Town
Curly Musgrave: One Last Trail 
11/23/13, Stay-at-Home Benefit Concert
Richard Elloyan: From the Ground Up
D.W. Groethe: My Father's Horses
The Gillette Brothers: Hard Times
Yvonne Hollenbeck: A Plain Ol' Ranchwife
Rex Allen/Don Edwards: Doggone Cowboy
Kristyn Harris: Endless Sky
Jay Snider: Of Horses and Men
Randy Rieman: An Old Western Town
Michael Martin Murphey: Close to the Land 
11/16/13, Answering the Call

Buck Howdy: Baked Beans
Riders in the Sky: Phantom of the Chuckwagon
Rex Allen: Streets of Laredo
Paul Bliss: The Four Holer
Diane Tribitt: You Can Squat with Your Spurs On
Trinity Seely: Old Poly Rope

11/9/13, Worlds Worst Outlaws

Prairie Rose Wranglers: Big Iron
Corb Lund: Trouble in the Country
Carolina Cotton: I Love to Yodel
Bill Barwick: The Bounty Hunter
Red Steagall: Larry McWhorter's "The Unrepentant"
Jon Chandler: Through the Gap

11/2/13, Getting Even

Trinity Seely: Chilcotin Californios
Randy Huston: Old Jim
Homer and Jethro: Cigareets, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women
Jon Chandler: Bug Guts on the Windshield
Larry McWhorter: Harley's Secret
Katy Moffatt: The Brazos

10/26/13, The Morning After

Michael Martin Murphey: Tyin' Knots in the Devil's Tail
Sourdough Slim: The Musket Came Down from the Door
Tex Ritter: Rye Whiskey
Prickly Pair: Whiskey 'fore Breakfast
Georgie Sicking: Gail I. Gardner's "Moonshine Steer"
Dave Alexander: Drinking Champagne

10/19/13, Communication on the Ranch

Wylie and the Wild West: Ol' Montana
Andy Hedges: Old Chisholm Trail
Montana Slim: Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
3 Trails West: Roamin' in Wyomin'
Yvonne Hollenbeck: Sorting Time
Juni Fisher: Who They Are

10/12/13, Did You Know...

Wylie and the Wild West: Five Days to Friday
Michael and Dawn Moon: Gold in My Pocket
Roy Rogers: Yellow Rose of Texas
Belinda Gail: She is a Cowgirl
Pat Richardson: Cowboy Banker
Due West Trio: Doney Gal

10/5/13, 25 Things I Want My Ranch Kid to Know

The Texas Trailhands: West of Santa Rosa
Kerry Grombacher: Never Come Again
Ian Tyson: Leaving Cheyenne
Bar J Wranglers: Ride with a Smile
Buck Ramsey: Anthem
R.W. Hampton: My Country's Not for Sale

9/28/13, Temper Tantrums Gone Bad

Hot Club of Cowtown: She's Killing Me
Gary Allegretto/Ian Espinoza: Hard Times
Hugh O'Brien: Legend of Wyatt Earp
Patty Clayton: Let's Dance
Paul Bliss: California Dreamin'
Mike Beck: Patrick

9/21/13, Dudes, Drunks, and Children

Dave Stamey: Dude String Trail
Sourdough Slim: I Like to Yodel
Carl T. Sprague: The Cowboy
Eli Barsi: Big Hat No Cattle
Gary McMahan: Sunny Hancock's "The Horse Trade"
Sons of the Pioneers: Silver on the Sage

9/14/13, It's Getting Harder

Corb Lund: Hard on Equipment
Jill Jones and the Lonestar Chorale: A Cowboy's Hard Times
Tennessee Ernie Ford: 16 Tons
Ben Crane: The Good Things Outweigh the Bad
Yvonne Hollenbeck: The Auction Sale
Prickly Pair: The Ranch Sale

9/7/13, Jared Rogerson Guest

Jared Rogerson: Addicted
Jared Rogerson: Just One of the Guys
Don Edwards/Rex Allen: It's My Lazy Day
Jared Rogerson: 14 Miles from Omaha
Andy Nelson: Riding with Jim
Jared Rogerson: Ride with Gary Again

8/31/13, Cowboy Philosophers

Michael Martin Murphey: Cowboy Logic
Daron Little: Something About a Horse
Tex Ritter: High Noon
Carin Mari & Pony Express: I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Larry McWhorter: The Red Cow
Syd Masters and the Swingriders: Never Tie Me Down

8/24/13, Cowboy Measurements

Bill Barwick: Cowboy Standard Time
Jared Rogerson: 90 or Nothin'
Hank Snow: Movin' On
Jean Prescott: Each Night at Nine
Baxter Black: Cowboy Time
Sons and Brothers: The Measure of a Man

8/17/13, Flatland Fencing

Craig Chambers: Crime and Ranchin'
Sisters of the Silver Sage: Some Old Rusty Spurs
Sons of the Pioneers: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
New West: Heading South for a Change
D.W. Groethe: The Fence
Richard Elloyan: Rodeo Bones

8/10/13, The Cowboy's Wife

Brenn Hill: She Loves Me Anyway
Suzy Bogguss: Night Rider's Lament
Gene Autry: South of the Border
Jill Jones and the Lonestar Chorale: Pretty Pauline
Baxter Black: Cowboy Bride
Rodney Nelson: Cowboy Laundry
Jean Prescott: One Cowboy Left

8/3/13, Cowboy Camp Meeting

Riders in the Sky: Cowboy Camp Meetin'
R.W. Hampton: I Believe
Stuart Hamblin: This Ole House
David John and the Comstock Cowboys: God Must Be a Cowboy
Yvonne Hollenbeck: Nature's Church
Don Edwards: Stompede/Master's Call

7/27/13, 101 Ways to Lose an Appendage

Dave Alexander: Four or Five Times
Johnny Kendrick: Three Rivers Song
Bob Nolan: Man Walks Among Us
Ian Tyson: 50 Years Ago
Andy Nelson: The Bar T Branding
Juni Fisher: Song of the Nighthawk

7/20/13, Going Home

Eli Barsi: Riding Back Home to You
Riders in the Sky/Wilford Brimley: Home on the Range
Rex Allen: The Last Roundup
R.W. Hampton: Back Home
Ken Cook: Ralph Coole's "The Ranch Up Yonder"
Jon Chandler: I'm Going Home

7/13/13, The First Time

Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers: Just a Little Bit Cowgirl
Jim Pipkin: Feels Like Home
Marty Robbins: Mr. Shorty
Hudson Ridge: Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
Gene Bernath: Bruce Kiskaddon's "Caught Nappin'"
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum: Tramps and Hawkers

7/6/13, Why We Do What We Do

Dave Stamey: Bubba and the Goat
Glen Ohrlin: Gol Darned Wheel
Jim Reeves: Mexicali Rose
Riders in the Sky: That's How the Yodel was Born
R.P. Smith: Showdown at the Snowdrift Corral
Mary Kaye: The Dawn and the Dusk

6/29/13, Renegade Bulls

Jill Jones and the Lonestar Chorale: Black Despair
Belinda Gail/Curly Musgrave: Eight Second Ride
Johnny Western: The Ballad of Paladin
Kyle Evans: Bad Brahma Bull
Baxter Black: Cow Attack
Brenn Hill: What a Man's Got to Do

6/22/13, Friends Like Us

Eli Barsi: Farm Girl
Sourdough Slim: T for Texas
Sons of the Pioneers: O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
Allegretto/Espinoza: First Rodeo
Pat Richardson: Suicide
Brenn Hill: The Ballad of Ed Cantrell

6/15/13, Pack Horse Wrecks

Benn Hill: Gaping Jaws of Hell
Dave Stamey: Dan was a Packer
Carolina Cotton: Singing on the Trail
Bar J Wranglers: Silver Spurs
Joel Nelson: Song of the Packer
Red Steagall: Horses and Wars

6/8/13, In Pursuit of Honor

Corb Lund: Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
Riders in the Sky/Wilford Brimley: Danny Boy
Gene Pitney: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
Jean Prescott: There's a Gold Star in Her Window
Paul Zarzyski: The Day the War Began
Don Edwards: The Campfire Has Gone Out

6/1/13, Little Girls and Horses

Belinda Gail: Amigo
Templeton Thompson: Girls and Horses
Roy Rogers/Dale Evans: Happy Trails
Mary Ann Kennedy: When You Carry Me
Debra Coppinger Hill: Common Sense, Men, and Horses
Juni Fisher: Listen

5/25/13, Noises of the Night

Chuck Cusimano: Man in the Moon
Riders in the Sky: Phantom of the Chuckwagon
Prickly Pair: Fiddler's Legacy
Chris LeDoux: Paint Me Back in Wyoming
Richard Elloyan: Three Days and 40 Fires
Baxter Black: Ol' Duffy
Dave Stamey: We Rode Away

5/18/13, What Makes a Horse Buck

Dave Stamey: Talking Bronc Ballet Blues
Flying W Wranglers: Skyball Paint
Marty Robbins: Strawberry Roan
Kevin Davis: Bronc Ridin' Friend
Linda Kirkpatrick: Bruce Kiskaddon's "The Bronco Twister's Prayer"
Juni Fisher: Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck, Let 'er Fly

5/11/13, History of the Cow Bell

Sons of the San Joaquin: Charlie and the Boys
Brenn Hill: Goodnight-Lovin' Trail
Sons of the Pioneers: Along the Navajo Trail
Mary Kaye: Jenny's Lament
Red Steagall: The Bell on Old Blue
Don Edwards: Here's Lookin' at You

5/4/13, Intro Show

Miss Devon and the Outlaw: Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas
Tumbleweed Rob: Fork in the Road
Frankie Lane: Rawhide
Kristyn Harris: Yodel Western Swing
Paul Bliss: Cowboy Poetry in Motion
Jared Rogerson: Ryegrass Riders

4/27/13, Cowboy Poetry Week

Dave Stamey: Spin that Pony
D.W Groethe: Yearlin' Heifers
Wylie and the Wild West: To Her
Doris Daley: Bones
Tex Ritter: Jingle Jangle Jingle
Tom Russell: Bucking Horse Moon
Rod Nichols: Yep
Yvonne Hollenbeck: Sorting Time
Jim Thompson: S. Omar Barker's "He'll Do"
Juni Fisher: Still There

4/20/13, Don't Wear Sandals to the Corral

Dave Stamey: Dude String Trail
Asleep at the Wheel: I'm an Old Cowhand
Roy Rogers: Don't Fence Me In
Many Strings: I Ate the Worm
Doris Daley: Don't Drive the Tractor
Brenn Hill: Purple Heart

4/13/13, The Barn Cat Show

The Saddle Cats: Who Walks In When I Walk Out
Richard Elloyan: Coyotes Love My Cats
Homer and Jethro: Tears in My Ears
Sordough Slim/Robert Armstrong: The Cat's Whiskers
Gary McMahan: Getting in Nature's Way
Brenn Hill: Rodeo Heaven

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