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Stay-at-Home Benefit
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Thank you for visiting our special Stay-at-Home Benefit page.

While being aware of the need to help folks around us that are experiencing trials or tragedy, we developed the concept of the Stay-at-Home Benefit Concert with help from our good friends at CowboyPoetry.com. This is a special concert in which you can stay at home and enjoy without spending any money. With that in mind, you are now free to donate any amount of money that you may have spent in travel, food, tickets, and lodging to this worthy cause. Enjoy the show and thank you for willingness to help others.

Stay-at-Home show airing for Rich O'Brien
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Part 4


The multiple award winning artist and our own Hall of Fame member - Rich O’Brien, who Acoustic Guitar magazine called “The House Guitarist for the Cowboy Music revival,” says “thank you, I am speechless” for the Cowboy Crisis Fund. The WMA was able to provide him temporary financial aid to see him through a difficult period in his life. Rich was suffering from severe carpal tunnel in both wrists. This fall, he had operations on his wrists, a month a part. After extensive physical therapy, he realizes, the surgeries were not successful. As such, Rich hasn’t been able to perform as a featured guitarist, nor as a studio musician for some time. Being a lifelong “picker”, he was dependent on the ability to play guitar. The loss of income has been significant. Rich being a frugal man, lived within his means and hasn’t any debt. However, the loss of income made it impossible to cover the basic necessities of life.  


Rich is going to be examined by a renown, 5 star hand specialist, to assess what needs to be done to make him whole again. It will be a lengthy and costly process, however he rests assured the Lord will provide.  However, Rich would very much appreciate your prayers. Also, he remains ready, willing and available to help anyone who needs assistance in producing their next album. He is a humble man, however truth be told, he has produced or played on over 600 recordings. He can be contacted at: 4500 Country Road 805, Joshua, TX 76058.


Music historian Douglas B. Green said: “There is no one I’d rather hear play guitar than Rich O’Brien. His taste and musical sensibilities are exquisite. He has great technique, of course, but there is a vast difference between a facile technician and the brilliance and perfect feel that is Rich. He’s a national treasure!” Well said Ranger Doug!


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Thank you so much for your generosity. Together we can help those we care for.

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