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C.O.W. Cruise
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Cruise with the C.O.W.boys in 2016 to the Virgin Islands and Bahamas of the Eastern Caribbean! Remember, all deposits are 100% refundable before the last payment is due!


COW Cruise 2016

Woohoo! Here we go on our fourth annual C.O.W. Cruise, this time to the Virgin Islands. That’s right join the C.O.W.boys and a whole group of fun-loving and like-minded C.O.W. listeners as we head to the eastern Caribbean islands of St Thomas, St. Maarten, and the Princess Cays. Our grand adventure begins January 9th 2016 as we sail round trip from Ft. Lauderdale Florida to the beautiful Virgin Islands. Return airfare is always included in the package along with ground transfers, taxes, on board meals, entertainment, room service, plus special group receptions and excursions reserved only for C.O.W. cruisers. There’ll be 7 days of fabulous dining, warm sunny beaches, and more fun and laughter than should be legally allowed as the COWboys once again will be providing evening entertainment. There is always an early bird discount for booking your cruise in advance and this year a special payment plan is available. All you have to do is pay $100 each month per person and then pay the balance once your cows are shipped. And don’t’ forget, all deposits are 100% refundable until the last payment is due. Call Cruise Vacations today toll free at 855-530-0131 or hop on their website www.cruise-vacations.ca for more information. We can’t wait for the fourth annual C.O.W. cruise to the eastern Caribbean with our good COW friends.


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