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C.O.W. Cruise
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Cruise with the C.O.W.boys in 2015 to the Mexican Riviera! Remember, all deposits are 100% refundable before the last payment is due!


COW Cruise 2015

Now’s the time to make plans to join us for the third annual C.O.W. Cruise, this time to the Mexican riviera. Join the C.O.W.boys and cruise directors Jim and Karen Bell from Cruise Vacations as they enjoy the hospitality, entertainment, and cuisine of coastal Mexico. Our grand adventure begins February 28,2015, as we sail round trip with stops in Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Return airfare from Denver and Salt Lake City is always included in the package along with ground transfers. Also included are PRIVATE TOUR & GROUP gatherings, all port and government taxes, all on board meals, entertainment, and room service, plus special group receptions and networking opportunities as well as a special group excursion and gift. There’ll be 7

days of fabulous dining, warm sunny beaches, ancient ruins, and more fun and laughter than should be legally allowed as the COWboys once again will be providing evening entertainment. Call Cruise Vacations today toll free at 855-530-0131, that’s 855-530-01-31 or hop on their website at  http://www.cruise-vacations.ca/clear-out-west-cruise.html for the third annual C.O.W. cruise down the Mexican Riviera.


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